The River LP, released Autumn of 2018, is the project of singer/songwriter Orphén Rivers. Based in Nashville, TN after relocating from seven years spent in Los Angeles, CA, he has continued to write & record out of his home studio location while collaborating with an array of talented peers. Rivers engineers & mixes most of his catalog & aims to produce his works into plush, ambient soundscapes with acoustic fundamentals & a lyrical pulse defined in the ethereal.  Orphén, as the name suggests, sets to speak through all who deeply seek a brightened, aesthetic passage & cordially fosters music that may assist in our shared celestial endeavor. 


Scatterplot is the music creation of Steven Solomon. Raised in Chicago's jazz scene, he is also a gigging pianist between the Chicago and Los Angeles area, playing piano music for all occasions. His original music sounds like a mix of Coldplay, MGMT, Ben Folds, Depeche Mode and Vampire weekend all jamming together. He often wears a tuxedo and red mask on stage representing the sophistication of his jazz piano and the original music of his heart and soul. Scatterplot has been playing and writing since age 10, performing over 1,000 piano and original music performances and writing over 200 songs. He has performed original music and piano performances at Carnegie Hall, Disney Land, Las Vegas, the Edgewater Art Festival in Chicago, 626 Night Market in Los Angeles, Gibson Guitar Showcase, and many other places. Scatterplot hopes one day to create lush, epic, and emotionally heart felt albums, as he believes amazing songwriting and production is what makes an artist great.


Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Kam Jones will always be a country boy at heart. In 2012 he left home for Moscow, Russia with no intention of starting a music career. Nonetheless, his acoustic sounds caught the ears of Moscow’s fans & premier music establishments. Years later & many odes penned, young Kameron has become an adept guitarist & lyrical artist with benevolent soul.  His country roots combined with these experiences provide for unique rhythms and captivating melodies. Sense your essence serenaded with every performance by soft acoustic ballads & country-rock jams. Jones will lift your spirit & have you singing along before the end of every song.


With the ability to shred like Hendrix & Mayer, Morrison has been developing his songwriting craft & is happy to be releasing well-produced tracks in the near future. As a multi-instrumentalist with an innate deftness for arena-rock anthems, his music regards the battle within our chaotic, beautiful minds & the inevitable introspection. Get ready for a glorious journey & please, don't forget to rock out.